Studio product photography shoot, with Three Cross Motorcycles
Aug 15, 2013

Last month we wheeled seven motorcycles into the studios here at The Picture House, and lined them up one by one to be photographed.

Check out Three Cross Motorcycles here!

It was great fun to be working with quite complex objects, from a photographic point of view. These motorbikes offered several challenges in the clean white studio environment.

1)   Some of the bikes were painted gloss white, and therefore needed careful flagging to ensure tonal separation from the background.

2)   The stands of the bikes allow them to lean off center when parked – which was noted, and taken care of with stand supports and careful camera angles. Including the use of our perspective correction tilt shift 85m Nikon lens.

3)   The tires are a matt black rubber, and soak up light, and needed careful lighting and fill-in/bounce.

4)   The studio roof needed lowering to create a beautifully even top light over the bike and avoid reflects of darker areas of the studio.

The camera (our Nikon D800e) was stand mounted and tethered straight to one of our in-studio iMacs, common practice here at Double Exposure, allowing fantastically clear images to appear straight into our software as we shoot.

Photographing like this allows us to make critical decisions on focus, exposure, composition and post-production tweaks that otherwise may be missed.

The overall objective for this shoot was to ensure very clear, beautifully lit, and highly detailed images on three key angles. This was applied to each bike wheeled into the studio infinity cove.

We are very happy with the results, and so is the client. Some of the photographs that didn’t make the portfolio can be seen below in this blog.

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