TriggerSmart – Focus 2013 – Slow Motion Video Promotion
Jan 18, 2013

Using creative content to sell products is a must, especially when the product itself is a creative toolkit – at Double Exposure we’ve just used a slow motion video camera with paint and eggs to show off what the TriggerSmart can achieve, when controlled by creative photographers.

This blog has lots of images from ‘behind the scenes’ from our two-day TriggerSmart project, along with the finished photographs. Additionally, there are two videos which show off the setup and finished production.

If you want to find out how to use the TriggerSmart you’re in the wrong place! This is a funky studio based project for image lovers, if you need guidance why not check out this YouTube vid from PhotoTraining 4U, it’s a good heads up on which buttons to click!

So, what is creativity? Well it’s easy to be creative, but to use it constructively to help others succeed in business takes more skill.  Using inspirational ideas to forge snippets of ‘creative’ mixed media is quite an art.

Most creative content is used to grab attention. Our role is to provide the ideas, equipment and resource to help businesses and agencies stitch together something that goes off with a bang…

So what’s our project all about?

Well, re-painting our studio this week wasn’t in the diary, in fact, we’re not quite sure where this recent idea came from, but as with all things creative you just have to see it through!

It started with an idea, and a client brief, that collided at about the same time. We’d planned to make an image with some sort of ‘splashing’ liquid for a while, and bath taps were on the agenda as a prop, so when Hardy Haase from Flaghead got in touch to ask us to work at Focus on Imaging 2013, we immediately thought about producing more creative content for the TriggerSmart camera control unit.

Now, we’re not quite sure where the eggs and paint came in. It might have been better to use something less messy, but the yellow of the yolk and bright colours of the paint attracted us – especially against the black studio backdrop.

Needless to say the TriggerSmart made light work of timing the moving subjects, leaving us to think about the most creative camera angles and shots.

It must have been about then that we received an email from our friend Colin, a cameraman who had just invested in a 400fps HD slow motion camera…

Fitting all this into our studio was quite a challenge, and our stands and clamps are now multicoloured and don’t fold up quite so well, however, we think the entire exercise was worth it, why not let us know what you think?

With thanks to,

These images we’re produced over two days, and have had some fundamental colour management and a bit of Photoshop work done to them.

The camera was set on a track, and recorded at 400fps, check out the camera and a short video of the studio setup below!

Throughout the day, our assistant Loh took lots of great reportage photos – have a look at some of the amazing photos she captured from the environment below!