Triggersmart Triggerbeam Pro – Parkour Photo shoot
Sep 11, 2013

11pm on a Sunday night, it’s early Autumn and trying to rain. We’re 40 minutes out of Bournemouth in a tiny rural village, a 30 minute walk away from our shoot location. It’s dark and we have a lot of equipment to carry. Perfect situation for a photoshoot right?

The purpose of our unusal night time stroll is to create some promotional shots for a new product in the ‘Triggersmart’ range. If you’ve not heard of the triggersmart it’s a device that uses sensors to trigger your camera. They are available through Flaghead Photographic and we’ve previously done a lot of the promotional work for the product, click here to see a previous blog. The new product is called the ‘Triggerbeam Pro’, It’s infrared sensors can communicate at a much larger distance than they do in the standard kit and can be set up directly to your camera, meaning you don’t need the control box. The downside of this is it then becomes harder to add a trigger delay, but if you don’t need this function then the setup does become simpler.

Back on with the shoot. Once we reached our location by torch light we quickly scouted the area and made some long exposures with our camera to decide on the shot we would work for. So with camera on tripod pointed up at the delapidated house we’ve chosen as the focal point for our shot we set up the Triggerbeam Pro and our lighting. This consists of a Hedler DX15 continuos head – plugged into a Hedler ‘Hell Power’ battery. We also have two off-camera Nikon SB-800 speedlights in shot to light the area but also to add a heap of flare and style. The two Triggerbeam pro sensors are mounted high up (20ft) on light stands at around 8 meters apart and using the rear LEDs are perfectly aligned. There is a diagram at the bottom of this blog. Another interesting point is our lens of choice. We had a Sigma 4.5mm Circular fisheye lens on to give the shots a really unique look. The extreme distortion and light picked up inside the lens rim really helps these images stand out.

The last ingredient is our levitated figure. This is local ‘Parkour’ trainer Scott Jackson. Parkour or ‘free running’ is a fairly new sport that consists of running, jumping, flipping and rolling to propel yourself through your environment. It’s exciting to watch and more details can be found here. Scott has been doing Parkour for years, is based in Bournemouth and trains people in the art parkour. Fancy giving it a try? You can get in touch with Scott at – he was a pleasure to work with and will no doubt get you jumping and rolling safely in no time!

So once we were set up we did a few practice runs(or jumps) – Scott jumped from the top of the old bulding broke the Triggerbeam’s infrared in mid air which in turn fired our camera. Scott then landed safely and we reset. As you’ll see below we did jumps with a couple different types of in shore flares to create some really interesting lighting and mood.

Take a look at the images below, let us know what you think via email or tweet this blog for us!

A couple of the shots cropped in and straightened up a little bit.

Some info for you photo geeks our there! Find our lots more about the whole Triggersmart range at