Triggersmart Workshop – Bournemouth Studio March 2014
Mar 28, 2014

Triggersmart Workshop

Some of you will know that we work closely with a company called Flaghead Photographic, for those of you that don’t know Flaghead is based in Poole and imports photography equipment to the UK and distributes it to various well known dealers such as; The Flash CentreCalumet and Speed Graphic.

You may also know that over the last 3 years we have worked closely with Flaghead on their product, the ‘Triggersmart’. The Triggersmart is a sensor based system that connects to your camera and allows you to trigger it with changes in sound, movement or light. There are several links at the bottom of this page to various blogs we’ve done on projects that have included the Triggersmart, but also a link to a Flaghead dedicated webpage on the unit.

So after 3 years of using this piece of kit we’ve come to know it quite well. We’ve used it commercially and we demonstrate it at the Photography Show (formerly Focus) every year at the NEC in Birmingham. Read more about this years show here – As a result, Hardy from Flaghead asked us if we wanted to put on a Triggersmart Workshop in our studio in Bournemouth, of course we said yes!

We decided to create three main setups to clearly demonstrate its three functions, and typically we weren’t willing to settle for easy ideas! We wanted to do something to challenge ourselves. On top of this we also had Hardy manning another table where the unit was being demonstrated by a toy car, and another table where there was a small setup to capture a water droplet using the infrared sensors.

So on March 17th 2014 we had 15 photographers of various skill levels come to our studio to learn more about the Triggersmart and watch some magic happen! Below we’ll go through each set up:

Set Up One – Infrared

We decided we wanted to do a portrait and incorporate some kind of powder, after seeing these images, – however we tried not to get too carried away!

So we had a model stand just behind the sensors and had her break the infrared beam by throwing some white powder. In the first shot you can clearly see the infrared sensors, after that is the finished results.


Set Up Two – Sound

A common use for the Triggersmart is to freeze an object in the camera frame. We decided to flip that around a bit and have an object smash a frame of glass. So naturally we threw a hammer through a pane of glass and froze the action with a high-speed flash unit.

It was far from ‘hit and miss’, in fact it worked every time – the results are pretty cool!


This shot from the side shows off the perspex that we fired the high-speed flash unit through – find out more about them here –

This next shot was ‘off the cuff’ on the day! It was suggested by one of the attendees (to fire a party popper) and it did actually demonstrate how adaptable the system is.

Set Up Three – Light intensity

For this we used a match hitting a shot glass full of vodka to set the camera off to get some fun results.

We flagged the light sensor so we could control our environment better. The sensor was placed above the glass pointing down so that the localised increase in light fired our camera. For this shot we used a 25mm Zeiss lens, courtesy of Robert White Photographic.

This shot shows off our setup quite nicely. The sensor is in the snoot above the glass – you can see the cable going in. The Triggersmart unit is on the table and connected to our camera via our shutter release cable and that’s it! We used a Nikon D800e, on an Induro tripod, with the Zeiss lens mentioned above.


Find out more about the Triggersmart using the links below, and if you have a creative brief where you think we could use this creative tool for you then do give us a call.