Will’s Top 3 Images of 2013
Feb 07, 2014

Will’s top three ‘Double Exposure Photographic’ photographs from 2013

1. Lifestyle / Furniture photograph for Salad Creative taken in London – Nov 2013

Let’s get straight into this first image, which is a real stunner!

It’s probably my overall favorite image from 2013, and was taken at Kylemore House, in South West London. The photography shoot was an interior project aimed at presenting a new build in the best possible light for it’s sale brochure, and this photograph was taken in the kitchen with lots of natural light from the floor to ceiling windows.

The image wasn’t used for the brochure, and to be honest it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. The seductive blue colour of this chair and its stool set was crying out for a more ‘lifestyle’ look, and I just couldn’t resist. The large windows provided some great natural light, which was spilling over the chair in a pleasant way. It was nice to include some of the side table on the right too.

The other components of this image that sit right for me are the relatively muted colour and tone in the kitchen background, and the slight glimpse of the garden outside – all in all it’s an image that I just think looks great!

2. Cosmetic / Product photography for HCP Packaging in our studio – Oct 2013

This photograph is just one image taken from a larger shoot, for Poole and Hong Kong based HCP Packaging.

I have many product photographs I like from 2013, and not all of them are cosmetic packaging related. I think this image stands out because I remember spending a while getting it right, and being very pleased with the result.

Shooting cosmetic products is a very tricky and extremely technical exercise – it takes patience and careful lighting to make each pot or bottle look right. The highlights are very important to the clean and sexy image of this industry – the objects need to look good and the brands and designs must be clear. The technically challenging aspects of this image are clearly the mirror reflection, the lighting levels, and the wrapping shadows to illustrate the objects form.

Generating two images helps the viewer to immediately understand the operational function of this dish, which can be an often-overlooked consideration.

Overall I was delighted that our client was very pleased with the high quality of the cosmetic photography we produced, and although it’s a bit geeky, I was especially happy with the lighting and technical aspects of this project!

3. Architectural / Exterior photography for Tom Whiteley – Nov – 2013

This image was a real ‘get the shot or miss it’ situation, it was late in the year and the light was fading early…

Prior to making this photograph, we spent the day working for Tom Whiteley Construction in the New Forest – and had already produced a really good set of interiors to go into a piece of editorial for the New Forest Exclusive.

The shoot was essentially completed, and we were all happy, and then Tom asked us if we had time to get a ‘quick shot’ of a shed/barn/outbuilding on the other side of the forest! Normally ‘a quick shot’ is a bad idea, and on the whole it’s not how we work (our ethos is more about planning, ideas and quality) but we’re up for a challenge so we said “why not!”

It was about a 30-minute drive across the New Forest in Tom’s Landover and the daylight was disappearing fast – to be honest I thought we ‘d loose the light and have to disappoint but as it turned out we were just in time to catch the dusk light. It had been mostly overcast all day, which usually provides a flattening and dull light, but the clouds seemed to disappear and some late light crept through…

We turned the lights on inside the building and found a good aspect to make the most of the environment – as we began to shoot I was glad we made the effort! This image works well for me because of the late light; it’s a good balance of the buildings structural identity and the environment. The colours, mood and even the moon help to create a ‘look’ that clearly works remarkably well for this building.

Needless to say Tom was chuffed that all of our efforts paid off at the end of a hard day!

Plans for 2014

In 2014 we are planning to extend our commercial photographer services out to the surrounding cities of Southampton and Bristol.  The pages are still being developed now but we hope to launch our commercial photographer Bristol page over the coming month, as well as the Southampton commercial page too.  Please keep your eyes peeled!