Working with Coles Miller Solicitors and Origin Designs on a commercial photography marketing campaign
Aug 15, 2013

A great new project for Coles Miller Solicitors

This spring we’ve been working closely with Coles Miller Solicitors and Origin Designs to pull together a fantastic and comprehensive range of location lifestyle photography, across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset – for a huge new marketing drive.

Our job has been to break down the different areas of law that they work in and create images the really sell their services. These images will then be used on there brand new website and across lots of other marketing material, leaflets, brochures, ads in local papers and potentially on billboards.

Working with Lee Taylor at Coles Miller, and Cathryn Kobayashi of Origin Designs, is an absolute pleasure – all of our ideas are bounced around the table and the resultant locations and themes for our photo-shoots have been very impressive indeed.

We’ve not yet finished the project but here’s what Marketing Manager Lee Taylor had to say about us: 

“Will and Mark are without doubt two of the best photographers I have ever worked with. We challenged them to come up with some commissioned images that represent the depth and breadth of legal services that Coles Miller Solicitors have to offer. They pulled it off, not only with passion, but complete professionalism. Double Exposure Photographic are my first port of call when I need excellent shots that look unique.”

Great ideas driving great photography

Through everything, the core idea of a local law firm, recognizably based in Dorset, and capable of supporting their customers for life, has been paramount. These key concepts signify a real desire from Coles Miller to illustrate a business with images that speak to future customers, showing off the benefits this business has.

Keeping our photography (aesthetically) positive is key to the success of this project. We’ve achieved this by focusing on the ‘life after’ the service provided, and specifically the types of people that can benefit from the services that Coles Miller offer. In doing so we’ve created marketing photography that speaks directly to future customers about the way in which their lives can be improved.

We agreed that it would be too easy to focus on all the bad bits of life, and after all, who really wants dated ‘shock tactics’ photography anyway? We think it’s more honest to show real people, living a real life.

The decision to get out there and make interesting location lifestyle images across Dorset was obvious. Local people can relate to their local environment, and it’s good to have something to grab hold of in an image – the beach huts at Mudeford, the river Stour in Blandford, and local property developments in Poole are just a few examples of the locations we chose to illustrate the day to day reality of a law practice based across this county.

Cathryn Kobayashi, of Origin Designs, has been superb in helping pull together various elements for each project, and considering how many different areas of Law are practiced, this was no easy responsibility!

More than likely though, it’s her profession as a graphic designer that has given her the skills to be able to art direct on location – knowing the destination for our photographs is such a key insight to have early on in the campaign, and a real advantage to ensure that each piece of the marketing puzzle fits – from photo-shoot to finished brochure.

Selecting the right locations

As with most location photography, especially in the UK, it’s weather dependent! So planning and equipment preparation is always very important to us, we need to be sure we’re ready to go if we get a good forecast… Lots of pre-shoot meetings with Cathryn in our studios here at The Picture House ensured we knew exactly what we wanted from each location.

Our favorite location from the work we’ve done so far this year has to be the day shoot at Hengisbury Head, just East of Southbourne and opposite Christchurch harbour. It’s such a great lump of land, with beautiful beaches, super views and a real variety of natural backgrounds. The beach huts, yellow flowering gauze and open grassy fields we’re all chosen as key locations within Hengisbury Head itself for various different shots.

One that sticks out was the huge field of yellow buttercups! This was just perfect to get some of the family-themed images to support the Family Planning sector, with wide open areas and plenty of colour to make the most of the children running around. Check out the shot with the kite below.

Where possible on each shoot, we kept a wide lens firmly mounted to our Nikon. It’s vital that graphic designers can have that space around the main subject to work with; after all, the photography is only one part of the overall advertising campaign.

Check out some of the great pictures below…

Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Family Law

Not pleasant subjects but it was our starting point. Our job was really to focus more on the positive outcomes that Coles Miller can and do achieve for people that unfortunately need to use these services. As the most important areas to cover we took care of them in one long day shoot on hengistbury head.

Wills and Probate

Our first idea was to create a grandparent/grandchild scene to show generation of family and the chessboard in the shots represent assets. The older couple in the shots is posed thoughtfully, yet relaxed and casual.

Residential Planning

A difficult one, we used a property with a lot of space that suggests building work could happen (and it was actually in the planning stages), so we could use the actual plans for the land, it was then a case of dropping the subjects in.

General Brand shots

Early April 5:30 in the morning and its freezing cold – we’re laying on the beach face down! Here’s what we shot!

Staff photography

We wanted the staff to look relaxed and doing what they do. We shot in the modern meeting room in Bournemouth from a set position and had the various members of staff chat and change position.

Residential Property and Leasehold

A great little morning shoot in a new build in Poole, with photographs illustrating a couple moving in, and helping to show the process of new and first home contracts in a positive light.

Here’s a photograph taken of some of the emerging work in the Daily Echo, Bournemouth!